Funklift – an exciting Microsoft Game Camp project

If you ever wanted to drive a forklift, your wait will soon be over: the Mostly Harmless Games team is building a great game to fulfil precisely that dream. Funklift is a funny, challenging game for one to four players that puts you in the driver seat of a forklift, and tasks you in various ways.  We had an interview with Mostly Harmless Games about their project and their participation in Microsoft Game Camp.

Who is Mostly Harmless Games? Can you talk a little about your team, and how you got together?

We are a team of ten cheerful and determined developers of various trades. Most of us started working on this project as part of the Project in Game Development II course at Skövde University. Together, we created a polished prototype of the game we wanted to create and founded the studio Mostly Harmless Games. We want to make games that encourage social interaction and bonding among the players, and that’s where Funklift comes in.

Tell us about your project, Funklift. How did you came up with the idea and what is the feeling you want to convert with this game?
Funklift is a party game where one to four players each control a forklift to take on various challenges, both cooperative and competitive. The idea originated from an old arcade game with a similar concept as well as observations regarding the modern decline in multiplayer party and arcade games. We want to go back in time to collect that heart warming essence of sharing a genuine and enjoyable gameplay experience with your friends or family and combine it with today’s technical capabilities to create a game that you will always want to return to for “just one more round”.



What platforms will your game be for, can you tell us a bit of technicalities (game modes, gameplay etc) ?

The game modes in Funklift mostly draws on the fundamental idea of forklifts as a gameplay concept. We believe they are naturally apt game elements, being vehicles with high maneuverability and acceleration as well as being designed to perform very specific tasks. Thus the core goals of the game will be about delivering goods to designated locations to score points, either as a team to beat highscores or in a player versus player mode.
As of today, the game supports local multiplayer for up to four players, but we hope we can find the time to implement online multiplayer as well, by popular demand from our fans.

We are aiming to release Funklift for the Xbox One by fall this year with the help and support of Microsoft Game Camp. After that, we hope to be able to join the PC players on Steam and possibly even the release for the PlayStation 4 if the opportunity emerges.




Are you committed to launch Funklift? And if yes, in what stage of development are you and when do you hope you will launch?
We are beyond committed to launch Funklift, we are determined! He have left the planning stages and recently begun with the concrete development of the newer, funkier iteration of our game. We are aiming to release the game towards the end of 2015. After the release we want to continue making new content for Funklift in the shape of new themes, levels and truck models.


What is your involvement with Microsoft Game Camp? How does this initiative help you with your team and project?Microsoft Game Camp has been part of the plan ever since we pitched this game idea. The format of the game, favoring hand controllers and suited for a large, shared screen, is perfect for the Xbox One console. We hope that Microsoft, through the Game Camp initiative, will guide us through the development process for their platform as well as demonstrate their loyalty to indie developers by helping us reach their product distribution platforms when the time comes.

What do you think about Microsoft Game Camp so far? How do you find the workshops, is there anything you are missing from Game Camp?

Game Camp as a University course is an absolutely amazing concept. Making games over the summer with access to computers, equipment, tools, computer rooms and other necessities as well as featuring brilliant lecturers really is a dream scenario. The only thing I could wish for was for Microsoft themselves to be a bit more present. We still don’t have access to the development kits and we would love some general guidance regarding developing towards the Xbox One hardware and its features.


Is there anything else you want to say about Funklift, Mostly Harmless Games, game development and games in general?

With Funklift, we strive to create a bang on perfect multiplayer experience that anyone can enjoy. Not only do we invest our ambitions in creating a solid and enjoyable gameplay experience, we are thoroughly determined to put the couch back in couch co-op. Look out for us on the shelves in the near future!


We would like to thank Mostly Harmless Games and it’s developer, Alexander Milton, for their time, and wish them a lot of success with Funklift!

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