Microsoft Game Camp 2015 Kickoff

On Friday, June 5th, game city Skövde’s Gothia Science Park hosted a cheerful event in order to début this year’s Microsoft Game Camp, a collaboration between Microsoft and Sweden Game Arena run by Gothia Science Park, the University of Skövde and the Municipality of Skövde. Starting last week and for 4 months, several selected student teams will develop their games on Microsoft platforms and under the guidance of several industry professionals. The Camp will conclude with the  Skövde Academic Game Award, which will be announced in September 14-16, during the Sweden Game Conference in Skövde.

Friday’s event was started by Sara Kullgren, Director Developer Experience at Microsoft, who expressed the company’s dedication to support young entrepreneurs in their endeavors to develop high quality games, and who pointed Microsoft Game Camp as one of the initiatives to showcase this effort. The talk was followed by Ernest Adam’s theoretical game design lecture “The Mechanics of Love: Practical Challenges of Implementing Mathematical Models of Love and Sex”.

Meanwhile, participants were able to experience the games under development by the student teams who are participating in this year’s Microsoft Game Camp. These are the 8 projects that will be developed during Microsoft Game Camp:

  • Above, a game about exploration, uncovering old mysteries and understanding an alien world
  • Breakwater, a competitive online naval battle game with a medieval flavor, for up to six persons
  • Project A.P.E., a multiplayer first person shooter featuring augmented cyborg monkeys
  • Dungeon Time,, a four player collaborative quest driven adventure set in deep, dark dungeons
  • Task Force Aegis, a beautiful turn based game where you use a squad of six drones to escort your VIP to the safe-zone, or eliminate your opponent’s VIP
  • Gaffeltruck, a hilarious local multiplayer party game for up to 4 players where you control a forklift to manage goods in warehouses and stores
  • The Pit, an intriguing story driven adventure expressed in the form of an endless runner where you fall down in “the pit” and make use of fall and hoover techniques to escape your fate
  • Oväsen  – an action role play story based on the historical witch trials that took place in 1675 in Torsåker, known today as Kramfors, Sweden, with Swedisk folklore woven into the experience

On this blog, throughout this summer, we will get to know each of these teams and document their progress on these interesting game projects, the lessons they will receive from industry

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