PR & Marketing Lessons with Coffee Stain’s Armin Ibrisagic

Yesterday during Microsoft Game Camp, Armin Ibrisagic shared the PR and marketing lessons he learned from Goat Simulator, and the Sanctum series.


During a workshop that spawned from morning until afternoon, Armin delivered a brief presentation and then responded open ended questions regarding his insights into riding and controlling the wave of successful and very successful titles – a subject that covered far more than just marketing and PR.

Some of Armin’s insights were:

  • community interaction is more important than community management
  • understanding the reasons for which your fans interact is very important – for example, people share content on social networks for status, which is why updates like typical patch notes don’t work
  • every single person that takes an action to support your game is important, so make every fan feel like he/ she counts

Armin also spoke about Facebook’s way of testing and promoting viral posts, and hinted that you can use different social networks, such as Twitter, to test the value of a post/ announcement. In terms of practical tips, he suggested that posting every other day on Facebook is a good rule of thumb, with an increased volume of information pre-release. He also spoke about console launches and, especially for launching  the first game, he recommended to focus on PC only and consider consoles only after the title has proven its success.

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